Religion in the Classroom

Hi everyone, last class we had a guest speaker that went into detail about how to handle LGBT students and families. This discussion and seminar was very informative and provided tons of valuable information on the subject. We were able to find out how to handle certain situation that may arise in the classroom. The guest speaker basically informed everyone that we need to be open to everyone’s differences. Many students that are on the “down low” don’t feel that school is a safe environment for them. This just creates a whole big change of events that don’t lead to the students success in academics. Many students that are LGBT lag off in the attendance area of school and this causes their grades to suffer. School should be a safe place for all students.

The two articles for this week were very interesting to me. I love to discuss religion and hear the many opinions on the topic. The articles talked about religion in the classroom and way to respond to religion. I feel that it is the teachers responsibility to bring religion in the classroom when it is appropriate and necessary. Religion ties into so many aspects of today’s life. Region has great ties to history, art, and socialization. All forms of religion or no religion should be included when considering what to teach and what not to teach. Religion topic should be approach with unbiased views and with a open mind. Teachers and educators should never place their views on their students and their parents. Educators must know that ultimately it is the parents decision on what type of things and ideas that they feel are appropriate for their child. No two families are going to be the same in any classroom and teachers need to be open to morals and beliefs that are different from theirs. The most important thing to keep in mind is to be respectful and mindful of the diversity in the classroom and in the community. Knowing how to respond to certain questions about religion that may arise in the classroom will make the families of your student feel confident in what it is you’re trying to do. Honestly I would have shied away from talking about religion in the classroom from fear of not knowing the correct way to do it. These articles have shown that there is a way to do it and it isn’t all that difficult.

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  1. I agree with you about the teachers being responsible for handling religion in the classroom and ensuring that everyone feels respected. It does not seem like an easy task, but I feel like it is an important part of creating a positive community in the classroom.

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