Unequal, Oppressed, and Segregation

The “Unequal Education and the Reproduction of the Social Division of Labor” article blew me away. I totally agree with everything that it stated. Education in America has most certainly became incooperated. I often wonder how production of mass education in America ever came about. I feel like students are taught to stay in line and not to question authority in American schools. They should instead be taught to be different and not to conform to the ways of others. America’s educational system is producing workers and not allow students to reach their greatest potential. The social division in education comes into play with public education, private education, and other forms of acceptable education. Private schools carry more prestige then public schools. Students that attend private schools are highly favored in today’s society as they have for many years. The public schools are known for being at a disadvantage on so many levels and low performance on test. I just wonder about what can be done to reform the American school systems? How can we break the class division that is evident in education today?

The Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire was really interesting. The part that really caught my attention was the “fear of freedom”. It is ironic that the fear of freedom can make an oppressed person become an oppressor or accept the role of being the oppressed. Why do people fear freedom? Is it truly that hard to take responsibility for ones own life? I guess freedom doesn’t allow placing the blame on someone else and that’s why people fear it. Are teachers looked at as oppressors in education? Do we allow students freedom in their education? I would have to say no. Mainly because we do have students groups by age instead of ability. We oppressor the students that may achieve above of the standards as well as those that may be achieve below the standards. Teachers allow struggle for freedom in the classroom. Teachers are oppressed just as students are. Many teachers may be comfortable with being oppressed because it allows them to place the  blame on the system when their students aren’t achieving the standards set forth for them. Freedom would force many educators to ask themselves “What more can I do?”.

Savage Inequalities: Children in America’s Schools talks about the racial segregation in American schools. The American classrooms should become more culturally integrated. This day in age racial differences should no longer be an issue but they are. I think that by embracing the differences of others, racial barriers can be broken. In my teaching I wish to incorporate different cultures into lesson plans to reveal the importance of other cultures. By bring different cultures to the center stages we eliminate stereotypes and highlight similarities in different groups. Can racial segregation be completely none existent in American schools?



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  1. One line that really stood out to me in your response to Freire was that “teachers are oppressed just as students are” and how they can place the blame on the system! I completely agree. Many teachers see the curriculum as a way out for them…. oh well I have to teach this way for the test. You make a great point of how teachers should be asking themselves what more can they do?

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